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Set up/ Change PPS Internet Password

To access PPS by Internet, please bring along the bank card which is linked up with your PPS Account and go to any PPS Registration Terminal. Select "Setup/ Change Password" function and follow instruction to create an 8-digit numeric Internet Password. View the demo now.

To raise the online security level, you are advised to change your Internet Password to 8-28 alphanumeric one by clicking the "Account Settings" page after you login to PPS web site. View the demo now.

To create/ change your PPS Internet Password, please follow the tips below:

  • Select a password which is difficult to guess.
  • Create your PPS Internet password with a combination of numbers and letters. Avoid using repetitive or consecutive digits in your PPS Internet password.
  • Do not associate your PPS password with anything personal such as your Login ID, birth dates, names, phone numbers or other familiar words.
  • Do not use those login ID and passwords that have been used in other Internet services for PPS Account Name and PPS Internet password.

To protect your password, we strongly recommend that you

  • Change your password on a regular basis.
  • Never share the password with anyone, or tell anyone about your password.
  • To prevent others from reading and using your password, never write it down.
  • Check the last logon time-stamp each time when you log on.
  • If you suspect your PPS Phone/Internet password has become known by someone else, you should change it immediately.
  • Contact PPS Customer Service immediately if you suspect any unusual or unauthorized access to your PPS account.

PPS Registration Terminals are located at designated Circle K Convenience Stores, HKT Shops and AEON branches. Please CLICK HERE for the list of terminal locations.

Learn more about using PPS by Internet in a brief demo
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