Smart Tips and Security Advice
The following are smart tips for you to log on PPS on eye Home Smartphone/ eye Home Tablet.
  1. You can select the language displayed for PPS on eye Home Smartphone/ eye Home Tablet before Login. You cannot change language display afterwards. To change, you have to logout, and select the other language before login.
  2. Login credential - the PPS Internet Password is masked with asterisks on the login screen. However, due to the inherent input features of certain devices, the digit/character that you have input may be displayed for a short while before it is masked. Please take appropriate measures when entering your login password to prevent from being inadvertently disclosed to anyone else.
  3. Do not press any button twice. After you have pressed a button to request for a transaction, it may take a while before you get a response, depending on the connection speed and network traffic. Press a button twice, may cause transaction submission for more than once. If in doubt, please check the debit details of your bank account soonest possible.
  4. Do not use the browser's "Back" button to go to previous pages. Always use the buttons and links in PPS on eye Home Smartphone/ eye Home Tablet to navigate between pages.
The followings are security tips for you to protect your mobile phone device for receiving the OTP. For the full set of security tips of PPS, please visit PPS website.
  • Install and run anti-virus program in your mobile and keep the virus definition file up-to-date
  • Ensure your mobile phone is switched on with satisfactory connection status and sufficient memory to receive SMS when receiving One-time Password for two-factor authentication
  • Please verify the details carefully in the SMS before input the OTP in PPS
  • Well manage the SMS in your mobile phone
  • Better set up auto-lock and enable passcode lock to prevent unauthorized access of your handsets
  • Install your personal information in your mobile device, e.g. Phone Password or Internet Password
  • Leave your mobile phone device unattended to prevent it from thefts
  • Share your mobile phone device to others
  • Redirect your SMS or mobile calls to other mobile phone number when receiving One-time Password for two-factor authentication